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Dish Pronto is possible to get a lot of TV over the high order online. You can also get a toll free number to call and speak to a representative who will answer all your questions. Dish Pronto is an authorized retailer for Dish Network satellite TV. Network satellite dish is a registered Echo Star Communications Corporation. You can buy this type of TV connection in all fifty states. You can expect to get your service connected in just 24 hours after your order. With a subscription, you get a program Dish TV EPG, this guide tells you all the shows in one place without going to each channel. Television is broadcast in HDTV, once you are a paying customer. You can also buy a DVR from them. A DVR is a digital video recorder is very similar to a VCR, but does not require a ribbon. Dish Pronto is the largest retailer Dish Network in the United States. Job ID: 880

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